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You have just arrived to our country a short time ago and has already found sun, beach, good weather, good food, mountains, little rain … and all of this is spectacular! We know it is and it is an honor to welcome all who come for good.

After an initial phase in which everything seems to be going well, the first questions related to bureaucracy will arise. We are here to help you and explain how public services, schools, hospitals, banks, finance, etc. work.


Our activity are insurance and that is our focus of our business. In Portugal we have mandatory and optional insurance. Find out what they are.

Mandatory Insurance

If you have a vehicle, you will have to hire auto insurance to guarantee the damage caused to third parties. You can optionally also guarantee the damage it does to your own car

If you are self-employed, you will also have to have work accident insurance to guarantee your professional activity.

If you have a maid, you must also have a Maid Accident Insurance

In the case of buying an apartment, you will also have to hire multi-risk insurance.

Optional Insurance

It is optional but you can and should take out EXPAT Health Insurance to ensure faster access to healthcare in private hospitals.

You can take out EXPAT Life Insurance and safeguard Death, Disability, Serious Illness, etc.

Personal Accident Insurance is also essential for your day-to-day for accidents that you may suffer. It will guarantee the reimbursement of medical expenses and if an invalidity compensation

We also have Savings and Investment Solutions.

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